How te get there?

The closest airport is Piura, there are direct flights from Lima, Capital of Peru. From Piura airport our drivers will take you directly to the lodge. The trip is around 2:30 hs.

How is the Temperature?

All year long the temperature during the day is 25-30 c, since its in the dessert during the night it cools off to 15-20 during winter (June-july-august) and 20 c during the rest of the year. Therefore we recommend to bring something warm along with you.

Is there a town nearby?

The Lodge is located 40 minute drive from the closest town, if needed is possible to go at any time.

How CAN I do MY reservATION?

It is necessary to send us an email to find out availability, make sure to include in your email desired dates and number of guests on your group.

How do i pay the reservation?

After confirming the availability of the lodge we will send you our bank account details to make the reservation deposit of the 50%.

What should i bring?

The Lodge offers complete meal service, so there is no need to bring any food. If you have any specific preference on your diet please let us know.  We recommend to bring Sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes. You will also want to bring something warm to use during the night. There is enough extra time for reading and relaxing so make sure to bring a book!

Can i learn to surf in Punta Luna?

Yes you can. The spot with small and medium swell is good for learing. We have a great surf instructor and longboards to use.

Is the wave difficult?

Punta Luna with 2 meters is a fast and long wave, depending on the tide it can have hollow and barrel sections. With medium or small swell the wave is slower and easier good for a longboard, fish, Paddle or Foil.

Is it good for Kitesurfing?

The wind starts at noon, and is side offshore, ideal to surf with the kite. The bay is all sandy and safe. We don’t recommend the spot for beginners since the wind is gusty in the shore.

Is it recomended to go with kids?

All kids are welcome, and all that have come were really happy, however the house is not prepared for babies, it has balcony´s and stairs.