punta luna

Punta Luna Surf Lodge is a paradise for water sports and Nature lovers. Located inside de Illescas National Park, the Lodge offers the possibility to stay in this marvelous Natural Reserve, enjoy beautiful landscapes and world class waves with your friends.

The access to the reserve is restricted and is necessary to make a reservation at the lodge to enter. There is a gated road to get in the lodge.


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wawa, the founder

11-05-1969 / 06-10-2012

Fernando "Wawa" Paraud, was a famous and legendary Peruvian surfer; Big Wave champion on several occasions, Kite surf pioneer and well known for his charm, good vibe and charger spirit in everything he endeavored; underwater fishing, big waves, kite and more. An authentic waterman. He moved from Lima to Máncora at 18 years old where he began serving the fish he speared himself in his restaurant, which ended up being the best hotel in Máncora. It exists today on the wave peak. ( )

He always had an intense spirit of adventure and exploration. This is how, on one of his trips along Northern Peru he discovered a treasure. He kept it secret for many years; studying the site, the wave and how its environment behaved during each swell. He named it Punta Luna. His friends Kai, Gallo and Martin followed. Wawa and this group were partners in this secret for more than 15 years, keeping secret the treasure Wawa had found. On each oncoming swell, Wawa with one of his accomplices was always there.

Years went by, surfing perfect waves with no one else around. Astounded with the nature of the place, Wawa fell in love with it and decided to build a house. It was when he met Jhonny and Gelly, two of the group of carpenters who built the house. They also fell in love with the area so Wawa hired them as caretakers, and they are to this day, looking after the house.

Wawa was convinced that Punta Luna should be a protected area, so he documented the wild life.The Andean Condors in particular were of great interest to him, as there is a large colony of them. He witnessed and made evident how human presence impacted this ecosystem, in this way he was able to accomplish the designation of all the Illescas Peninsula as a National Protected Area, and it became a legend of environmental care amongst other things.

During his mission of preservation of this area, Wawa had an accident and died in the year 2012. His legacy continues. Today his long time friend Martin in in charge of maintaining the Lodge.

This ongoing endeavor has born its fruit. There is almost no more illegal fishing going on, and the wildlife has reproduced significantly.

A lot of work has gone into keeping up Wawa´s creation. Most importantly a big investment in the House, to turn it into a Lodge that hosts guests from all over the world that get the opportunity to enjoy this amazing area.

Today the Lodge is part of the park rangers National Service,  with  a strong collaboration of the SERNANP, to protect the area.

Wawa´s legend is still alive. A restricted service is offered to experiment this unique and deep meeting with nature within the comforts of the Lodge.