Punta Luna Surf Lodge is managed by the 3x kitesurf world champion Martin Vari and his partner Ana Matera, they both spend a big part of the year at the lodge welcoming guests from over the world. Also part of the team are Jhonny, Wilmer and Juan which all live permanently in Punta luna.

Martin Vari traveled around the world for many years competing in the kite world tour. He met Wawa on one of his trips and started going to Punta luna together. He was with wawa in all the process of building the roads and house. They shared many epic swells in Punta Luna and was able to learn a lot from Wawa and the spot.

Ana Matera is a licensed business administration and has traveled the world following his passion for waves and nature. She developed a health food restaurant in Punta del este Uruguay. She is also a kids Surf instructor and has taken photography courses.

Jhonny & Wilmer & Juana

Jhonny is Peruvian and arrived to Punta Luna as part of the carpenters team to build the house. He loved the place and the peace he found there. Once the construction was over he stayed working with Wawa along with Wilmer taking care of the place. Jhonny and Wilmer are both Expert Fisherman and they provide the every day fresh fish for the Lodge. Juana Joined the team 6 years ago when guests started arriving in Punta Luna. she is in charge of maintaining the Lodge in order and preparing all the incredible meals.