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level: beginner - intermediate - advanced

The conditions for surfing are ideal in the morning and late afternoon. Every day there are waves, smaller or bigger. Depending on the Swell and the tide, the wave can be faster or slower, allowing riders of all levels to enjoy it

Small swell

You can surf the main peak that opens to the left and right, it is fun and easy, ideal for beginners and to improve maneuvers. There is also another walking distance wave which is always a little bit bigger and can be only surfed with smaller swells. It is a faster wave for advanced levels.


The main peak is surfed. The wave connects most of the time and it is possible to have long rides of 200-300 mts. You can take the wave in different sections which are all very entertaining. The wave is ideal for a fish or longboard.


When the swell comes in, the wave really starts to shine. The size can reach between 2 and 4 meters, at which size the wave connects. It is ideal for surf boards that allow a fast rowing but also keeps the speed that must be achieved to pass through sections. With medium low tide, there are tube sections.

Having current makes the assistance of jet ski essential.